Rage of Magic 2 v1.46

Posted By: BARR
Rage of Magic 2 v1.46

Rage of Magic 2 v1.46
PC Game| Arcade | Win2000/XP/2003 | 21.1 MB

Game Features

- 100 two player arena levels full of bosses.
- 35 arcade mode levels with intriguing story line.
- Compete with the world with online hiscores.
- Full and half screen super attacks!
- Bonus pickup rage, protection, refractor, ressurection and more.
- Hire your own allies and bonuses for the arena.
- Auto blocking and block advancing.
- Counter attacks and super counter attacks.
- Resistant attacks, combo attacks and super combo attacks.
- Extra modes and features like fight shows and the gallery.
- Two player joystick support (Windows only).
- Full screen action-packed adventure!
- Big and mean boss characters, with one final boss!
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