My Disney Kitchen

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My Disney Kitchen

My Disney Kitchen | 420Mb

Kids love playing and experimenting in the kitchen. This is their very own kitchen where they can mix, cook, make a mess, clean it up and play to their hearts content. Mickey and Minnie are your next door neighbors in this special kitchen. The cupboards are packed with pots, dishes, utensils, food, linen and everything you need to become a great chef. See what is in the fridge or under the sink You can mix up some pancakes, pop bread in the toaster, make a yummy sandwich, or bake a chicken in the oven.

What happens if you don't put away your ice cream, or you cook things too long? Can you make relish?
There are pickles in the fridge and a blender on the counter.
Try making spaghetti and meatballs. Kids can explore and experiment for hours and hours.

You can make and decorate a cake in Make A Cake Oven or fix breakfast at the Good Morning Griddle. You can also redecorate your kitchen to suit your taste and set the table. Minnie and Mickey pop over from time to time to sample your creations or bring groceries and surprises.

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