Jardinains 2!

Posted By: Suziewuzie
Jardinains 2!

Jardinains 2! | 22 Mb

Shooter game, especially children love it. Jardinains 2 takes the classic ball-and-paddle and gives it a twist: naughty litte garden gnomes who are determined to mess up your game! Bounce gnomes, collect powerups, break bricks, etc.

Game Features
50 levels of brick-breaking, nain-knockin' action!
Greig as you've never heard him before!
Productivity-shattering fun!
Tons of powerups!
Fully functional level editor!
Banana peels!
Player statistic tracking!
Advanced "2-D eXtrEEm" graphics technology!
Frickin' laser beams

System requirements
Windows 95 and higher
300 Mhz processor
RAM 16 Mb