T. Finnanger - Jul med Tildas venner+Tilda nissepar

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T. Finnanger - «Jul med Tildas venner+Tilda nissepar»
Cappelen Verlag | ISBN 82-02-23084-5 | 2004 | DjVu | 3 Mb | 23 pages

The Norwegian language.
But all is clear!

Книги из серии “Tilda” известной художницы и декоратора из Норвегии Tone Finnanger. Tilda – примитивная текстильная кукла, несложная в изготовлении, тем не менее для создания нового образа требуется немало фантазии и мастерства. Что-то похожее существало в России с давных времён в виде простой текстильной деревенской и обереговой куклы. Несмотря на немного экзотичный для чтения язык, книга доступна для понимания благодаря многочисленным фотографиям, схемам и выкройкам.

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Posted By: Olimpia Date: 15 Sep 2006 18:16:35
Thank you very much, I have enjoyed a lot with all of your books. And it is true, since one only has to copy and stitch, one does not necessarily need to know the language it is written in.
Thank you again!!!XDD
Posted By: Olimpia Date: 15 Sep 2006 22:37:05
I hate when I make mistakes, and I cannot let pass these two wonderful instances of bad English I have left here for posterity GRRRRR. So, I meant that I enjoyed your books a lot ( no "with" in the middle, please) and next time I'll try to remember one has to write "stitch". Sorry for my bad English, next time I'll be less lazy and use my dictionary. (Please, oh God, tell me I have made no more mistakes sniff). Please, cross your fingers, I am going to hit "send", glups!
Posted By: abdelhakim Date: 16 Sep 2006 03:19:12
thx please can you post us more Norwegian books ?
I have tried to download Norsk - Engelsk Ordbok but the link is dead i want to learn norwegian i live in Algeria but i have some pleasure doing that because i know someone from Tromsö so if u got interesting norwegian books please post them and alert me on johannes_jung2000@yahoo.com
takk - thanks - merci - tack - gracias شكرا