SWA mastering with izotope ozone (Video Tutorial)

Posted By: caos_70
SWA mastering with izotope ozone (Video Tutorial)

SWA Mastering with iZotope Ozone | 370 mb | format .avi

Perhaps one of the most sought after techniques to “master”. Mastering is the final step of your production that adds the shine and brings life to your mix. Using various modules such as Multi-band compressors, spectral delays, EQ, reverb, and loudness maximizers we’ll walk you through the how to steps with one of the finest DSP effects for the mastering process iZotope’s Ozone to give your mixdown that commercial CD quality.


Interface Overview
Paragraphic Equalizer
Mastering Reverb
Multiband Dynamics
Multiband Harmonic Exciter
Multiband Stereo Imaging
Loudness Maximizer