Coagulation Disorders: Quality in Laboratory Diagnosis [Repost]

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Michael Laposata - Coagulation Disorders: Quality in Laboratory Diagnosis
Published: 2010-09-17 | ISBN: 1933864826 | PDF | 136 pages | 3 MB

The Diagnostic Standards of Care series presents common errors associated with diagnoses in clinical pathology, using case examples to illustrate effective analysis based on current evidence and standards. In addition to being practical diagnostic guides, each volume demonstrates the use of quality assurance and the role of the pathologist in ensuring quality and patient safety.
Coagulation Disorders is designed to show clinical pathologists, lab managers, medical technologists, and residents how to avoid common errors in test selection and result interpretation in diagnostic coagulation. Utilizing a case-based approach, each chapter features a concise overview of a major diagnosis, with multiple illustrative cases, and then a list of recommended standards of care pertinent to the problem.
Just as it is essential for the practitioner in the diagnosis of bleeding and thrombotic disorders to know the appropriate course of action to establish a diagnosis or to appropriately treat a patient, it is equally essential to also know what not to do. Avoiding the mistakes is a critical first step to optimizing patient outcome and maximizing patient safety.
Features of Coagulation Disorders include:
An emphasis on identifying established, evidence-based standards in coagulation testing
Actual case illustrations of commonly seen errors as well as the result of those errors on patient outcome and laboratory management
Examples of errors which compromise patient safety across all major areas of laboratory medicine
Pocket-sized for portability


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