The Kybalion: A Study Of Hermetic Philosophy - Three Initiates

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The Kybalion: A Study Of Hermetic Philosophy

Three Initiates"The Kybalion: A Study Of Hermetic Philosophy"
PDF | ISBN not applicable | Year 1912 | 102 pages | English | 5.4 MB

Here are the teachings of the legendary sage Hermes Trismegistus, reinterpreted for the modern reader. Rumored to be an ancient Egyptian man-god who fathered astrology, alchemy, and other magical arts, the figure of Hermes has fascinated readers of occult literature for generations. Writers in late antiquity named Hermes Trismegistus as the author of their own esoteric teachings, building the mystery of his lineage. Since 1908, The Kybalion—written at the hand of the unnamed “Three Initiates”—has itself generated debate and controversy. Who is behind it? Do its ideas really arise from the secrets of a distant era? And, most important, do they work for the modern seeker? In this concise, engaging guide, the pseudonymous author breaks down Hermetic doctrine into seven compelling principles, and then provides practical methods for how to apply them for self-development in daily life. Here is the definitive edition of a classic of esoteric psychology, now available to readers everywhere.


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