The Qur'an: Arabic Script for Ebook Readers - Hayrat Publication

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The Qur'an: Arabic Script for Ebook Readers - Hayrat Publication

The Qur'an: Arabic Script for Ebook Readers - Hayrat Publication
PUBLISHER: Hayrat Publication| ISBN: n/a | EPUB, PRC | 611 pages | 61 MB, 88 MB | RS, MF

The Qur'an in Arabic for ebook readers has been long overdue and now it is finally out. I tried to come up with user friendly versions, with largest text size and easiest navigation, I hope you will like it.

EDIT: Corrupt epub files are fixed and reuploaded, all the books are working perfectly fine. If you downloaded them prior to 20/03/2012, probably you could not get some epubs working. Problem was totally technical, nothing wrong with the content or its accuracy. If you posted the links some where else, please renew those links too.

These ebooks are scanned version of The Qur'an in Ahmet Husrev style. Ahmet Husrev style is known for its clarity and ease and Tawafuqat (which shows another miraculous aspect of the Qur'an by pointing out synchronization of Allah's names and some other expressions, either on the same page or facing pages or through the whole book.) Tawafuqat show the wonderfulness of the Qur’an not only with its meaning but also with its script.

What is tawafuq (plural tawafuqat)?
Tawafuq means synchronization of the things with each other. Especially the synchronicities which allude that they are not random and out of chance but based on a divine purpose and will are called tawafuq.

And the tawafuq miracle in the Qur’an is synchronicity of 2806 names ‘Allah’ with each other with a few very rare and specifically suitable exceptions. In 604 pages of the Qur’an the name ‘Allah’ is repeated more than once.

These words synchronize with each other either coming on top of each other in the same page or overlapping each other in the opposite pages or again overlapping each other this time in different faces of the same sheet or sometimes overlapping each other meaningfully while there are pages between them. The same kind of synchronicity can be seen with the words ‘Rabb, Qur’an and Rasul’ and there is also other kind of tawafuqs (synchronicity).

For more information, click here.

Since ebook readers have a limited screen size, generally 800x600, juz and hizb numbers and sajdah signs that were on the side are moved to the top of the page for better reading experience. Hizb marks are moved inline and changed into a distinct shape to prevent confusion. Sajda signs are also added at the end of the sajda aya, as inline marks.

Du-ul Khatm, Al ihyitam and explanation for marks and signs are included at the end, along with a list of sajda ayas.

Pages are sliced into three images so that they will fit both small and large screen sizes. For Amzon Kindle, landscape mode provides larger text size, if it is not large enough, you can always zoom on the image by using five-way scroller. Also, with fewer words per line option you can see whole page with smaller text size.

Table of Contens, juz index and sura index are added both in Arabic and English.

If your ebook reader does not support color, you may want to download black and white (B&W) versions for sharper text.

Some ebook readers do not have landscape mode, in that case you can download epub with built-in landscape mode. In landscape mode, all the images are rotated in CCW and it has larger text size. If you have problem with your eyesight, you can choose this one.

Maximum screen size for Barns and Noble's Nook is 600x780 because of the title bar, so if you are a Nook user, you better download epub with 546px width and 780px height.

Some ebook readers do not have go to page function, in that case you can use search option. You can search the page number you want to go, once it is found you can click and go to that page. For single digit pages use 0 before the page number like 07, otherwise all 7 will be brought.

For those who like to have images, image files also added at the end bot in color and black&white.

For the screenshots below I used Kindle's printscreen function. The last two image is the actual image from the zip files.

EDIT: Corrupt epub files are fixed and reuploaded, all books are working perfectly fine (20/03/2012).

Sings and Marks
Juz Mark
This is juz number which goes at the top of the page.
Hizb Mark
This is hizb number which goes at the top of the page.
Sajda top of the page
Tis is sajda mark which indicates presence of sajda aya and goes at the top of the page.
This is inline rubʿ l-hizb mark which indicates the start of a hizb (quarter).
End of Verse
This sign indicates the end of a verse and verse number is placed at the center.
This is inline mark for sajdah verse which requires prostration if recited.

Sample Page
Sample Page

Landscape Mode
Landscape Mode


Signs and Marks on a Page
Signs And Marks

Table of Contents

Juz Index
Juz Index

Sura Index
Sura Index

Bookmark Added

Adding Note

Note Added
Note Added

Fewer Words Per Line
Fewer Words Per Line

Go to Page via Search
Go to Page via Search

Image in Color
Image in Color

Image in Black & White
Image in Black and White

In Color


In Black & White

800x600 px in Color


800x600 px in Black & White

780x546px in Color

780x546px in Black & White

Landscape in Color

Landscape in Black & White

In Color

In Black & White

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