Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web

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Tim Kadlec, "Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web"
2012 | ISBN-10: 0321821688 | PDF, EPUB | 288 pages | 9 + 34 MB

New devices and platforms emerge daily. Browsers iterate at a remarkable pace. Faced with this volatile landscape we can either struggle for control or we can embrace the inherent flexibility of the web.
Responsive design is not just another technique--it is the beginning of the maturation of a medium and a fundamental shift in the way we think about the web.
Implementing Responsive Design is a discussion about how this affects the way we design, build, and think about our sites. Readers will learn how to:
Build responsive sites using a combination of fluid layouts, media queries and fluid media
Adopt a responsive workflow from the very start of a project
Enhance content for different devices
Use feature-detection and server-side enhancement to provide a richer experience


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