Problems in Laser Physics

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Problems in Laser Physics
G. Cerullo, S. Longhi, M. Nisoli, S. Stagira, and O. Svelto
Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishers | ISBN 0-306-46649-X | 2001 | 308 pages | DJVU | 5.1 MB

This book presents the first comprehensive collection of solved problems in laser physics covering both fundamental and applied aspects of laser science and technology. The framework of the book, including structuring of topics and notations, closely follows that adopted in the Principles of Laser book by Professor O. Svelto. The collection of problems presented in this book appears therefore a natural complement to Svelto's textbook for testing and developing the skills acquired in the reading of the theory; however, it may also be a useful support to any general textbook on laser physics, wherein problems are usually not solved in detail. We remark that this is, to our knowledge, the first book to provide a complete and satisfactory set of solved problems in such a highly developing field of science and technology.
The problems fall mainly into three distinct categories: (i) numerical/applied problems, which help the reader to become confident and familiar with the basic concepts and methods of laser physics, and to acquire a feeling for numerical parameters entering in real-world laser systems; (ii) complementary problems, that present in detail demonstrations of some analytical parts not given in the textbook; and (iii) advanced problems, aimed either to provide a deeper understanding of the subject or to cover more recent developments in the field. Audience: This book is primarily intended for undergraduate and graduate students in physics, engineering, and chemistry. However, it may also be a useful tool for industrial professionals working in the field of laser technologies and laser applications, as well as for researchers interested in basic aspects of real-world lasers and related fields.


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