Polyhedron Origami for beginners (Miyuki Kawamura)

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Polyhedron Origami for beginners (Miyuki Kawamura)

Polyhedron Origami for beginners (Miyuki Kawamura)
PDF in RAR file | 13Mb | English 100 pages

An innovative approach to origami craft, polyhedron origami. introduces you into a new world of many-sided solid figures. This book is a comprehensive collection of polyhedron origami from tetrahedron to icosahedron. Each solid object is formed from simple folded units. Each process is
illustrated with clear step-by-step diagrams for beginners. Start with simple works such as titles, bricks, prisms, pyramids, cubes and then follow the advanced courses, which include regular polyhedrons, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, dodecahedrons and so on. A variety of stars, flutter wheels and
windmills are also presented as applications. It is not an easy task to make many units, but the joy and gratification are great when the works are completed. They reward the effort.

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