Prison's Bloody Iron: Deadly Knife Fighting Tactics Revealed (Repost)

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Prison's Bloody Iron: Deadly Knife Fighting Tactics Revealed
Publisher: Desert Pubns | ISBN: 0879474246 | edition 1978 | PDF | 119 pages | 18,5 mb

Harold James Jenks practically grew up behind bars spending all of his teenage years in jails, reformatories and prisons. Jenks was not free until he was 24 years old-learned how to fight as a matter of survival. On the "outside" Jenks used knowledge acquired in prison for jobs managing unruly customers in nightclubs, etc.-getting upwards of $500 a day for occasional "trouble-shooting." In addition to knowledge acquired in prison Jenks dealt with knife experts on the streets whose tricks, moves and expertise had been passed down for generations-such as the "twirl" and "moves with the ice-pick grip." Jenk's forte in prison was his ability to command, control and "move" on other prisoners when the occasion required.

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