The Veil Of Isis : Mysteries Of The Druids - W. Winwood Reade

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The Veil Of isis :Mysteries Of The Druids

W. Winwood Reade, " The Veil Of Isis :Mysteries Of The Druids"
PDF | ISBN: 087877176X | Year 1861 | 117 pages | English | 2.0 MB

This splendid study masterfully reconstructs the great history, myths and theology of the ancient Druids and illuminates the early religions that spawned them. The book begins with the ancient tales of Osiris and Isis, and what follows is pure enchantment as you enter the long-suppressed mysteries of the Druids.
Through careful and thorough exploration of the rich remnants and writings of Britain's ancient people, Reade provides a startling account of these political and religious rites forever surrounded by aura and fantasy. Translating mythic and mystical experience into elegant, poetic language, Reade reconstructs the development and eventual decline of this secret society.


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