Army of the Blue King: The Bavarian Army 1683-1727

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Anton Hoffman - Army of the Blue King: The Bavarian Army 1683-1727
Uniformology | 2005 | ISBN: N/A | 51 pages | PDF | 30.27 MB

Maximillian II Emmanuel was one of the premier military leaders of his time. He was often referred to as the "Blue King" because he nearly always wore his favorite color, blue. His well trained and drilled Bavarian army was likewise clad in their famous medium blue uniforms. A color which was worn by Bavarian soldiers over the next two centuries. In addition to being a great military leader in battles of the War of Spanish Succession and helping thwart the Turkish invasion of Europe Maximillian II Emmanuel was a pioneer patron of Baroque art and architecture. This is a fully restored reprint of 48 full color plates from the work by Anton Hoffman originally published in Germany in 1905.


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