Williams, G. B. (Ed.). (1993). Electronics Repair Manual

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Williams, G. B. (Ed.). (1993). Electronics Repair Manual

Williams, G. B. (Ed.). (1993). Electronics Repair Manual
WEKA Publishing | ISBN 0929321065 | 957 p. | PDF (OCR) | 46.5 MB

Electronics Repair Basics, Tools and Test Equipment, Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Specific Repair Instructions, Schematic Diagrams, and Component/Manufacturer Indices.
Repair All Kinds of Electronics Yourself
Radio receivers, television sets, VCRs, camcorders, personal computers and peripherals, CD players - whatever your repair job, you'll have comprehensive information within easy reach. For each device covered you'll find:
  • fundamentals of operation
  • necessary tools and test equipment
  • preventive maintenance
  • troubleshooting and repair instructions
Use Universal Repair Instructions for General Troubleshooting
Universal repair instructions are provided that apply to entire groups of equipment. You'll find general approaches on how to locate the faulty parts of your device and how to repair it. You can be working on one of the hundreds of VCR models in use today and have valid repair instructions at your fingertips.
Profit from Model-Specific Repair Instructions
Specific repair instructions show you step-by-step troubleshooting and repair for particular models. This in-depth information is illustrated with drawings and pictures, accompanied by checklists and diagrams. As a beginner or professional, this section offers you a treasure of tips and hints that will increase your success with repairing all kinds of electronics equipment.
Now You Have a Complete Reference Source at Your Fingertips
In addition to universal repair instructions and model-specific repair instructions, your manual provides you with schematics, valuable data tables on electronic components, an in-depth section on tools and test equipment, and lists of suppliers and manufacturers.