Lick Library Stuart Bulls Rock Jam Volume 1

Posted By : cajunwizard | Date : 06 Jun 2010 15:12:00 | Comments : 8 |

Lick Library Stuart Bull's Rock Jam Volume 1
DVD | 720x576 | VOB | 6000 kbps | 25 fps | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | Audio: AC-3 192 kpbs @ 48 KHz
DVD rip in ISO format | 13 parts - 12x199mb, 1x110mb | Total download ~2.5gb
No subtitles, release year 2009, English language only
Instructor: Stuart Bull | Publisher: Roadrock International | Series: Lick Library Genre: Guitar Video Training Lessons Tutorials

From the liner:
...Designed to give you the tools to jam along to music, whether it's a song on the radio, a piece of tv music, or a backing track. You will learn to locate key notes, and notes necessary to play along. A unique timing system is used to build licks and ideas needed for improvising.

This is my first post, and this is the first of a 2-volume set of DVDs. I'll post the second, depending upon the response I get to this one.
This is a straight DVD rip, vob format inside an ISO file. Just mount the ISO with any ISO proggie, or extract and burn a play-anywhere DVD. There's nothing added to the content; it's exactly as ripped [No cheesy unnecessary nfo files or anything like that.] As far as I could find by Googling, this is the first posting of this anywhere on the net.




Posted By: sKurt Date: 07 Jun 2010 02:03:57
Awesome! Your first post and it's a good one ;)

Love the Lick Library series, they seem better than the rest, Hot Licks and Homespun. I tried the Hal Leonard series but their angles are all wrong for me anyway.

And the SongXpress series is close, but the Lick Library seems to have it for me.

Eagerly awaiting part 2!

Any thoughts about including the cover art?

Posted By: fudget Date: 07 Jun 2010 04:21:50
Great post, I've been waiting for this.

For the covers, I normally go to musicroom.com and look up the DVD, they have the front artwork and usually the back too.
Posted By: narwhalx Date: 07 Jun 2010 04:43:20
Thanks for sharing... great post.
Posted By: MeTatter Date: 07 Jun 2010 10:37:03
Great post cajunwizard, Lick Library is the best. Thanks for sharing.

I too am eagerly awaiting D2.

Posted By: cajunwizard Date: 07 Jun 2010 11:34:51
Thanks for the kudos, guys. I'll try to post the other DVD soon. My time/bandwidth is a bit limited. As you can tell from the way I posted, I'm not out to get a maximum of points or anything; I just wanted to put up something worth sharing without all the BS usually associated with it.
@sKurt: I agree.

What does not kill me... can be hunted down later at my leisure.
Posted By: sKurt Date: 04 Sep 2010 19:30:37
So any plans on Vol 2 anytime soon?

Posted By: cajunwizard Date: 15 Sep 2010 02:46:36

That's the link to the link-list for DVD 2... Cheers!
Posted By: sKurt Date: 15 Sep 2010 03:04:19
Cool! Thanks, I'll have to figure out this uploading thing, I know I have a 1/2 dozen DVDs that aren't out there as well...