Gjorgji Pulevski - Rechnik od tri jazika (Ѓорѓи Пулевски - Речник од три јазика)

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Ѓорѓи Пулевски (Gjorgji Pulevski), Речник од три јазика (Dictionary of three languages)
self-published | 1875 | 1st edition | 174 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Gjorgji Pulevski (Macedonian: Ѓорѓи Пулевски or Ѓорѓија Пулевски, Bulgarian: Георги Пулевски or
Georgi Pulevski) was a writer and revolutionary from Macedonia, known today as the first author to express publicly the idea of a separate Macedonian nation distinct from Serbs and Bulgarians, as well as a separate Macedonian language. Pulevski was born in 1817 in Galičnik (today Republic of Macedonia, then under the rule of the Ottoman Empire) and died in 1895 in Sofia (Bulgaria) after an exciting life of stonemason, warrior, linguist and writer.

The Dictionary of Three Languages (Rečnik od tri jezika, Речник од три језика) was published in 1875. It is a conversational phrasebook composed in "question-and-answer" style in three parallel columns, in Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish, all three spelled with the Cyrillic alphabet.

Pulevski used the term "Macedonian Slavic" (С. Македонски) as name of the first language to designate it from Bulgarian, Serbian or Greek, and to show that ethnic Macedonians are separate people. Macedonian language was not formally standardized at the time and the spelling used in the Dictionary reflects Pulevski's native Galičnik dialect.

Freeware! The copyright on this book has expired and it has been in Public Domain since 1965. The source of the PDF is the Digital Archive of the Macedonian Language.


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