Homestead Blessings - The Art of Canning [repost]

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Homestead Blessings - The Art of Canning
DVDRip | MP4 / AVC, 782 kb/s | 640x428 | 00:54:47 | English: AAC, 82 kb/s (2 ch) | + PDF Recipes | 367 mb
Genre: Canning

The West ladies are back - Jasmine, CeCe, Vicki, and Hannah - with an exciting new instructional and inspirational DVD. ""The Art of Canning"" is a fun-filled program that includes homemaking skills presented in an educational and entertaining DVD series. The southern charm and hospitality of the West ladies will welcome you into this beautifully-photographed High Definition broadcast-quality series that audiences around the world have come to love so much. Includes: Equipment, Cleaning, Sealing, Storage, Water bath method, Pressure method, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Jams, Eggs ...and much!


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