Odyssey of the West II: A Classic Education through the Great Books: From Athens to Rome and the Gospels (Audiobook)

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Odyssey of the West II: A Classic Education through the Great Books: From Athens to Rome and the Gospels (The Modern Scholar) (Audiobook) By Prof. Timothy Shutt
Publisher: Recor ded Books 2009 | 8 hours and 8 mins | ISBN: n/a | MP3 | 471 MB

This course is an interdisciplinary series of connected lectures delivered by eminent scholars from several colleges and universities. Each professor addresses an area of personal expertise and focuses not only on the matter at hand, but on the larger story-on the links between the works and the figures discussed. The lectures address-in chronological sequence-a series of major works that have shaped the ongoing development of Western thought both in their own right and in cultural dialogue with other traditions.
In the process, the course engages many of the most perennial and far-reaching questions that we face in our daily lives. The lectures draw upon the resources of history, philosophy, literary study, art history, religious studies, political science, and the history of science and technology, in hopes of engaging the rich and profoundly interactive discussions that, over the course of forty centuries, have made Western culture what it is.

Course Syllabus
  • Lecture 1 Thucydides's The Peloponnesian War
  • Lecture 2 The Rise and Fall of Athens, Early Greek Philosophy, Xenophon
  • Lecture 3 Plato's Euthyphro
  • Lecture 4 Plato's Theaetetus
  • Lecture 5 Plato's Theory of Forms
  • Lecture 6 Aristotle's Philosophic System
  • Lecture 7 Aristotle's Ethics
  • Lecture 8 Alexander of Macedon and the Graeco-Roman World
  • Lecture 9 Virgil's Aeneid
  • Lecture 10 Ovid's Metamorphoses
  • Lecture 11 Roman Art and Engineering
  • Lecture 12 Plotinus and Neoplatonism
  • Lecture 13 The Christian Bible: The Gospels
  • Lecture 14 The Christian Bible: Acts and Epistles of St. Paul

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