Masterpieces of Western Music (The Modern Scholar) (Audiobook)

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Masterpieces of Western Music (The Modern Scholar) (Audiobook) By Prof. Jeffrey Lependorf
Publisher: Reco rded Books 2008 | 7 hours and 45 mins | ISBN: n/a | MP3 | 897 MB

This lecture series focuses on the very best of Western music, and as we progress through these lectures, the following are two important questions that we will seek to answer as we examine the various musical selections: What makes these works masterpieces? Why highlight these works?
These works share, for the most part, a common language, and were all composed to be listened to in the concert hall.

The works have stood the test of time - they remain popular and can be found annually on concert programs.

These works are loved not only by audiences, but have served as quintessential models for other composers as well.

These works stand up to repeated listenings - in fact, the more we study them, the more they seem to yield.
In addition, the course highlights relevant details of the lives of the great composers and aids in developing a knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Western music.

Course Syllabus
  • Lecture 1 The Red Priest and His All-Girl Orchestra
  • Lecture 2 The Case of the Runaway Soloist
  • Lecture 3 All Rise and Sing Hallelujah!
  • Lecture 4 More Than Just a Little Night Music
  • Lecture 5 Magnificent Obsession: The World in Four Notes
  • Lecture 6 Romanticism with a Capital “R,” or Be Careful What You Wish For
  • Lecture 7 How to Make a Piano Sing
  • Lecture 8 Going Forward by Looking Back
  • Lecture 9 A Tale of Love and Death
  • Lecture 10 It Takes Two, Baby
  • Lecture 11 A Quiet Revolution
  • Lecture 12 Modernism with a Bang!
  • Lecture 13 Kid Stuff
  • Lecture 14 The Prairies of Brooklyn

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