Roads Less Traveled: The Plan (Audiobook)

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Roads Less Traveled: The Plan (Audiobook) By C. Dulaney, read by Elisabeth Rodgers
Publisher: Aud.,.ible Fro..ntie..rs; Unabridged edition 2011 | 9 hours and 27 mins | ISBN: n/a , ASIN: B006BM346S | MP3 | 548 MB

Ask yourself this: If the dead rise tomorrow, are you ready? Do you have a plan? The dead rose, and the living quickly realized that Hollywood-style tactics were the quickest way to find yourself one of the walking dead.
Kasey, a strong-willed loner from West Virginia, and Ben, a college student from Pennsylvania, have shared an unlikely friendship over the years. And their bond is stretched to its limits when society collapses under a tide of zombies. But Kasey has something she likes to call The Zombie Plan. While Ben sets out for West Virginia, taking with him a ragtag group of friends, Kasey prepares for their long-term stand against the deadheads at her home in the mountains.
But every plan has its weaknesses, and the youths are unaware that a freight train of tragedy is bearing down on them all. In the darkness that follows, Kasey's Plan slowly unravels: friends lost, family taken, their stronghold reduced to ashes.

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