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Biblical Wisdom Literature (Audiobook) By Professor Father Joseph Koterski, S.J.
2009 | 18 hours and 40 mins | ISBN: 1598035231 | MP3 96 kbps | 808 MB

In the history of wisdom literature, no tradition matches the solace and profundity found in the teachings of the Bible. For centuries, people have taken comfort and insight from the familiar yet eternally resonant writings of the Bible's wisdom literature:
  • "There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens." (book of Qoheleth)
  • "How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!" (book of Proverbs)
  • "A faithful friend is beyond price. No sum can balance his worth." (book of Sirach)
  • "Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (Beatitudes of Jesus)
Through their inspirational teachings, the sages of the biblical wisdom tradition offer time-honored advice about some of life's most difficult questions: What is the reward of virtue? What is the best way to raise one's children? How can we best deal with the uncertainty of life? For countless people, these ancient writings have offered consolation and insight into the very meaning of existence.

And yet, few of us realize that these great teachings are part of a larger tradition—a rich and complex body of writings that have influenced theologians, philosophers, and everyday men and women for millennia. The insights offered in this tradition and their efforts to integrate faith and reason, revelation and human wisdom rival those of the renowned philosophical schools of ancient Greece.

In Biblical Wisdom Literature, award-winning professor Father Joseph Koterski takes you deep inside this tradition. In 36 thought-provoking lectures, you explore enlightening teachings that have inspired the world and that continue to speak to life's most important questions.

Throughout the course, you benefit from Father Koterski's ecumenical perspective, as he presents these teachings within the Jewish and Christian traditions and compares the varying versions of these texts. He places each book in its historical and cultural context but also examines its place in today's world, describing how these teachings can be applied to everyday dilemmas.

The result is an enriching journey that is as rewarding for members of the Jewish and Christian faiths as it is to those who simply wonder: What do these writings have to say about the great philosophical problems people seek to understand?

Course Lecture Titles

  • 1. Introduction to Biblical Wisdom Literature
  • 2. The Place of Proverbs in the Bible
  • 3. Collections of Proverbs
  • 4. The Poems of the Book of Proverbs
  • 5. The Relation of Proverbs to Covenant
  • 6. Interlude—Some Wisdom Psalms
  • 7. Job and the Suffering of the Innocent
  • 8. Job—The First Cycle of Conversations
  • 9. Job—Deepening the Conversation
  • 10. Job—Second and Third Conversation Cycles
  • 11. Job—The Wisdom Poem and the Conclusion
  • 12. Job—Elihu's Defense of God's Honor
  • 13. Job—Reflections on the Book as a Whole
  • 14. Interlude—Prayer in Times of Suffering
  • 15. Qoheleth—The Inadequacy of Human Wisdom
  • 16. Qoheleth—Skepticism about Easy Answers
  • 17. Qoheleth—Keeping Faith during Confusion
  • 18. Interlude—Wisdom Psalms for Uncertainty
  • 19. Sirach—A Traditional Approach to Wisdom
  • 20. Sirach on the Cultivation of Virtue
  • 21. Sirach's Wisdom Poetry
  • 22. Sirach on Divine Providence within History
  • 23. The Song of Songs—Love as the Answer
  • 24. The Song of Songs—Levels of Meaning
  • 25. Interlude—Wisdom Psalms on Perseverance
  • 26. Daniel—Wisdom through Dream Visions
  • 27. Daniel—God's Providential Plan for History
  • 28. The Wisdom of Solomon on Divine Justice
  • 29. The Wisdom of Solomon on Death
  • 30. The Wisdom of Solomon on Prayer
  • 31. The Wisdom of Solomon on Divine Providence
  • 32. Interlude—A Wisdom Psalm on Torah
  • 33. Jesus as Wisdom Teacher
  • 34. Jesus and the Wisdom Stories in the Gospels
  • 35. Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount
  • 36. Overview of Biblical Wisdom Literature


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