VTC (Video Training Course): Ubuntu Linux

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VTC (Video Training Course): Ubuntu Linux

VTC (Video Training Course) Ubuntu Linux
Author: Charles Griffin | SKU: 33743 | ISBN: 1-933736-68-2 | Release Date: 2007-02-22 | Duration: 5.5 hrs / 63 lessons | 235 Mb

Ubuntu Linux is a free, general-purpose operating system for the PC desktop that often rivals Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS for ease of use, security, and freedom from restrictions. Since its founding a few years ago, Ubuntu Linux has become extremely popular and has helped popularize free and open source software. This step-by-step beginner's course to Ubuntu Linux is designed to guide a user with no previous linux experience. This course, presented by VTC author Chess Griffin, also the host of "Linux Reality," a popular podcast for new Linux users, starts at the absolute beginning. Including an explanation of what Linux is, how to obtain a free copy of Ubuntu Linux, and how to boot the "live" CD to test Ubuntu Linux. You will learn configuration, customization, adding software to the system, and working with the desktop environment. As well as the many included programs and features of Ubuntu Linux.

About this course (04:16)
About Linux & Free Software (05:02)
About Ubuntu Linux (03:51)
Where to Go for Help (05:53)
Ubuntu Linux
How to Obtain Ubuntu Linux (05:38)
Downloading Ubuntu Linux Live CD (03:03)
Checking MD5 Sum & Burning to CDRom (05:05)
Booting LiveCD
Initial Boot Menu (03:12)
Default Desktop Environment - GNOME (02:50)
Examples Folder (03:58)
Preinstallation Steps (04:22)
Install LiveCD Pt.1 (04:47)
Install LiveCD Pt.2 (02:00)
Booting Ubuntu Linux & The GNOME Desktop
Initial Boot & Login Screen (03:38)
Exploring the GNOME Desktop (05:58)
Virtual Desktops (03:29)
Nautilus File Manager
File Manager Basics (04:11)
The Home Directory (06:14)
Emblems, Right Click Menus, Drag & Drop (03:57)
Nautilus Special Locations (04:59)
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Pt.1 (05:03)
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Pt.2 (04:47)
Drives, Case Sensitivity, & Permissions (07:11)
Changing the Background (06:21)
Changing Themes, Adding New Elements (06:15)
Creating Your Own Theme Pt.1 (04:47)
Creating Your Own Theme Pt.2 (04:14)
Customizing Panels & Applets (03:30)
Changing Font Preferences (04:18)
Menu Detail
Applications Menu (07:23)
Places Menu Pt.1 (04:03)
Places Menu Pt.2 (03:58)
System Menu (06:15)
Configuration Tools
System/Preferences Menu Pt.1 (06:03)
System/Preferences Menu Pt.2 (03:05)
System/Preferences Menu Pt.3 (03:05)
System/Preferences Menu Pt.4 (04:34)
System/Preferences Menu Pt.5 (04:23)
System/Administration Menu Pt.1 (06:55)
System/Administration Menu Pt.2 (07:21)
Mutimedia Applications
Legal Issues (05:24)
Audio Applications (06:45)
Video, Photo, & Image Editing Applications (06:05)
Productivity Applications Overview (05:12) Writer & Calc Pt.1 (04:13) Writer & Calc Pt.2 (04:22) Base & Impress (06:13)
Evolution (06:21)
Adding New Software
Add/Remove Software Application (05:47)
Software Sources (06:02)
Synaptic Package Manager (06:17)
Easy Ubuntu & Automatix (07:27)
Introduction to the Terminal
Gnome Terminal Application (05:05)
Basic Commands Pt.1 (05:54)
Basic Commands Pt.2 (05:30)
Applications, System Logs & Apt-Get Pt.1 (04:03)
Applications, System Logs & Apt-Get Pt.2 (06:20)
Using Text Editors Pt.1 (05:13)
Using Text Editors Pt.2 (02:56)
Windows Applications in Linux
WINE Project (07:23)
Crossover Office & Cedega (05:09)
Concluding Thoughts (01:49)
About the Author (02:24)

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