Tao and Longevity: Mind-Body Transformation

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Tao & Longevity: Mind-Body Transformation

Master Nan Huai-Chin

Weiser Books | ENG | 1984 | ISBN-10 087728542X | PDF scan | 160 pages | 6 MB

A discussion of Taoist theories, symbols, methods and the results of meditation from a psychological-physiological point of view. Includes the use of meditation to promote a long and healthy life, and outlines the effects of opening up ch'i energy. This is absolutely a mandatory basic beginner's book on spiritual cultivation regardless of your religious calling, no questions about it. If you want to learn meditation for real spiritual growth, this book is a MUST! It not only explains the physical changes you will experience on the spiritual path, but also contains insights into holistic medicine and complete lessons on Taoism, Buddhism, Tantra, yoga, internal alchemy and Zen.

About the author:

Master Nan Huai-Chin [Nan Huaijin] is one of the most renowned and revered lay Buddhist Masters in Taiwan and China. A great teacher in all three traditions of spiritual cultivation in China, namely the Confucian tradition, the Buddhist tradition and the Taoist tradition, he has written more than 30 books in these subjects. His books are always insightful and lively. He speaks with the authority of first hand experience - being a great scholar, a great action master and a great teacher at the same time. Someone with such an aggregate of qualities are hard to find in this arid age in which words and deeds rarely match. These are no empty words! For a glimpse of his experience, we note that he studied the ancient Chinese martial arts in his youth and mastered the works of Confucian and Taoist sages at the age of seventeen. Later on he taught at the Central Military Academy and studied social welfare at the Jin Ling(Nan Jing) University. In 1942, at the age of twenty four, he went into a three-year cultivation retreat in the Er-Mei Mountains, one of the four sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites in China. It was there that he verified his experience against the Chinese Tripitaka and composed gathas for each of the thirty two chapters of the Diamond Sutra (Published in his book What is the Diamond Sutra All About.) In 1945, he left for Tibet to learn from Tibetan Masters and was conferred the official title of Vajra Master by the Hutuktu (high ranking incarnate) Kung Ka of the Kagyu tradition. He is also the most eminent student of the renowned lay Chan Master Yuan Huan-Xian, making him an adept in both the Chan and the Tantric traditions.

Enjoy - and meditate on - this exceptional work. Thanks to the original uploader!



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