World Link Book 2 with CD

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World Link Book 2 with CD
Nancy Douglas | 2005 | ISBN : 0838406629 | PDF+MP3 | 1.18 GB

WORLD LINK is a core series for young adult/adult learners of English from the low-beginning to high-intermediate level. Combining dynamic vocabulary with essential grammar and universal topics, WORLD LINK enables students to communicate confidently and fluently. A complete package of supplementary materials motivates students and empowers teachers to maximize classroom time.
Includes the four links to fluency: universal topics, dynamic vocabulary, essential grammar, and confident communication.
Universal Topics: students relate to world themes that provide the necessary context for learning about the English language and global cultures.

Dynamic Vocabulary: students acquire and expand lexis through word families and useful expressions.
Essential Grammar: students learn grammar through either inductive or deductive techniques, depending on which are more effective and practical for that grammar item.
Confident Communication: frequent and fun exercises motivate students to produce language on their own.


Posted By: nextstopsg Date: 30 Aug 2009 05:52:55
rapidshare sucks. any mirror from megaupload?
Posted By: billotana Date: 06 Sep 2009 04:21:42
Thanks for the post. It is really valuable for a foreign student with a low income.

I'm actually studying with the World Link Book 2 A but I need the CDs.

Do you have them by any chance?

Thanks again for your post and generosity.


Billo Tana
Posted By: e-nicks Date: 07 Sep 2009 18:41:15
The post has 0,7 Gb (I downloaded it from rapidshare).
In the presentaton says 1,18 Gb.
Why ? Where I did wrong ?
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I can't download these files.Can you refresh it?Thank you!