Jimmy Bruno - Guitar Institute

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Jimmy Bruno - Guitar Institute
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Jazz guitar legend Jimmy Bruno has launched an online jazz guitar video instruction website. “After almost a year of planning and development, and many weeks of testing, the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute is now open for enrollments.” The lessons are geared towards guitarists of all levels: jazz guitar students, jazz guitar teachers, professional guitarists, rock guitarists and fusion guitarists, through a series of instructional videos featuring Jimmy Bruno. And, how much does it cost? “Introductory pricing for charter members in the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute is $45.00 per three-month period.” And on why you should consider the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute, Jimmy Bruno states: “I teach because I want to hear better music, and see better guitarists in the world. In the past, you had two choices if you wanted to study guitar with me: You could come to Philadelphia and take private lessons in my studio (sorry, I have no openings until well into 2010) , or you could find one of my older guitar instructional videos and try to learn on your own. Sadly, I’ve found that students need feedback from their teacher, and other students, to make fast and steady progress. Otherwise bad habits get locked in.”

More info: http://www.modernguitarist.com/jazz/jimmy-bruno-guitar-institute/

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What is the content? I have downloaded torrent of similar size and there were Improvisation level 1 and Improvisation level 2. Are the more levels in this download? Thank you.
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Thanks for sharing!!!