Backyard Projects for Today's Homestead

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Backyard Projects for Today's Homestead

Chris Gleason, "Backyard Projects for Today's Homestead"
2011 | ISBN-10: 1440305552 | MOBI | 160 pages | 8,5 MB

Maximize your outdoor living spaces through creative woodworking!

Today's challenging economic climate has motivated many homeowners to stay in their current homes rather than upgrade, and this has sparked a major trend in what is often called the "don't move: improve!" movement. By putting a small amount of money (and some time) into sprucing-up your backyard, you can create a veritable oasis with the projects in this book. Not only can these projects improve quality of life, but building them can also be a great financial decision.

Backyard Projects for Today's Homestead includes:

20 illustrated step-by-step projects that are within the skill level of beginning woodworkers

Information on choosing durable materials, working with reclaimed lumber, applying finishes appropriate for outdoor wear

More than just outdoor furniture - includes chicken coops, decking, gates, etc