McGraw-Hill's LSAT

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McGraw-Hill's LSAT
McGraw-Hill / May 18, 2005 | 576 pages | ISBN: 0071448055 | PDF | 2Mb

The ultimate expert guide to acing the LSAT

Created and classroom-tested by current Harvard Law School students, all of whom scored in the 99th percentile or higher on the test, and based on the highly popular Curvebreakers LSAT prep course, McGraw-Hill’s LSAT gives test preparers an unbeatable edge with:
  • Six full-length sample exams printed in the book, including complete explanations for every question
  • Eight complete sample exams on CD-ROM,including two not printed in the book
  • Progressive, step-by-step instruction, from simple concepts to tips on how to master the most challenging problems
  • Sample exams, exercises, and problems that closely match the LSAT in content and level of difficulty
  • Automated diagnostic tool on CD-ROM that pinpoints strengths and weaknesses and suggests study plans
  • Free website support that includes Q&A sessions moderated by Harvard law students


About the Author

Curvebreakers is a group of Harvard Law School students who offer LSAT preparation on the Internet for law school applicants nationwide.