Worldwatch #1-3

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Worldwatch #1-3
2 CBR's 1 CBZ in RAR | Wild and Wooly Press | Published Jul - Dec 2004 | 44.79 MB Total

Worldwatch is the fictional comics adaptation of “Exposing Myself”, the tell-all autobiography of Dena Warchawski, a.k.a. War Woman, leader of the Worldwatch superteam organized by scientist turned accidental-superhero Doc Gulliver (a black Henry Pym from Marvel's Avengers) under the initial auspices of the United Natiions. The story tells how team members’ personal relationships and corruption led to the team’s self-destruction. Issue #1 introduces us to the main characters and presents a typical day of violence, bickering, lying, and screwing, accompanied with team biographies at the end. Issue #2 is more of the same amped up and introduces Monarch, who seems to play a pivotal role in the story, and a weapon of irresistible power. Issue #3 if anything raises the level of violence, nudity, sex and perversions yet is a cliffhanger. Even the language is explicit. I did not know what to make of Worldwatch from issue #1 but after three issues I can say that although the boundary is indeed very fine, it is not "porn" per se. It's simply a voyeuristic look at the imaginary world of superheroes unsanitized, with the creative team quite enjoying their job doing it. Mature Readers only.

The team members are all flawed human beings with super powers. With the possible exception perhaps of War Woman, Doc Gulliver and Sgt. Mercury, the rest of Worldwatch are not good guys. The females flaunt their scandalously revealing costumes (just take a look at War Woman on the covers); the males get turned on by it. They enjoy their superpowers and all the incidental advantages such powers bring, too much. And they like inflicting pain and punishment on other people.

Issue #2 has an article for Wild & Wooly’s next project: a reprinting of ‘Nekkid Botoms, USA’, a series in a nudist colony drawn in the Archie style. This comic-within-a-comic is discovered to have been written by Qabbala, mystic member of Worldwatch. More in-your-face stuff that sets this comic book apart. Yet Worldwatch is drawn cleanly, the females fantastically gorgeous with big bosoms, impossibly thin waists and anatomically perfectly round bottoms. The males look properly powerful, and the battle scenes, explicitly violent. All things being equal, Worldwatch dares to put in print what even Garth Ennis only hints at in his one-shot The Pro and in his The Boys spin-off 6-issue limited series Herogasm.

NOTE: Please, the filenames for issues #2 and #3 got mixed up; I totally forgot to rename them before archiving. Worlwatch #2 is actually issue #3 and Worldwatch #3 should instead be Worldwatch #2. My bad.



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