George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards - The Hard Call #1-6 (2008-2010) Complete

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George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards - The Hard Call #1-6 (2008-2010) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 115.90 MB

In 1946, an alien virus was unleashed that changed the world forever, and people who were affected made their draw. Most drew the Black Queen and died horribly. Almost everyone who survived drew the Joker, and became deformed, broken, hated and feared. But a handful drew the Ace, and gained super powers that allowed them to achieve almost anything the mind can conceive – both in dreams and in nightmares. Sixty years later, an ace named Croyd Crenson, better known as "The Sleeper," is framed for the murder of a young nurse in Jokertown. And as it turns out, the killer is another ace, with the ability to walk through walls! Meanwhile a group of teenagers in Colorado accidentally activate the dormant Wild Card Virus, causing the entire town of Whiteoak to experience the effects of the virus. Most draw the Black Queen, but emergency crews will find themselves faced with two people who have drawn the ace…
Set in the world of the long-running series of popular Wild Card novels edited by George R. R. Martin, Wild Cards: The Hard Call is written by Daniel Abraham (author of The Long Price Quartet and the Nebula nominated short story Flat Diane) with art by Eric Battle (DC's Tales of the Unexpected and Batman) Featuring beloved characters from the original stories, this six issue limited series also introduces us to an entirely new generation of aces and jokers sure to change the Wild Card universe forever!

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