Maitena - Mujeres Superadas Vol. 1

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Maitena - Mujeres superadas Vol. 1
Spanish | CBR | 9,5 Mb

Un poco de humor agridulce de la mano de la gran dibujante Maitena.

Si gusta traigo más.


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Gracias man, buen aporte. Saludos desde México
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Gracias y Dale Nomas con los Otros
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Más, más, mucho más. Gracias, bluediamond.
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Gracias, está excelente! Tenés más? Queremos más Maitena!
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Maitenaaaaaaaaa es genial. gracias por el aporte
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Gracias desde Nueva York
Posted By: maxand Date: 22 Oct 2008 23:42:44
Thanks a lot for posting this very funny comic (cartoons of women)
Look out for all the others by Maitena at AvaxHome.
They're so hilarious you don't need to speak Spanish to laugh at them!

"Maitena was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She's the sixth of seven siblings.
She's a self-educated artist.
In the 80´s she published erotic comic strips, in European magazines (such as Makoki magazine, from Barcelona) and in Argentina (Sex Humor, Fierro, Humor, and Cerdos &Peces).

She worked as an illustrator for newspapers and magazines in Argentina, and for several school texts publishers as well. She was also a TV script writer, she owned a mini market, a restaurant and a café.

Her first comic strip, Flo, was published in the journal "Tiempo Argentino", in Buenos Aires. These strips had been compiled and published by Ediciones de la Flor, under the title of …Y EN ESTE RINCON: LAS MUJERES (In English: "IN THIS CORNER: WOMEN").

In 1993 she was asked to publish a weekly comic strip in Para Ti, the most popular women magazine in Argentina. This is how started the well known comic strip "MUJERES ALTERADAS" (recently translated to English as “WOMEN ON THE EDGE”). This strip is being published today in different magazines and journals all over the world.

In 1999, WOMEN ON THE EDGE strips, get published in El Pais Semanal, the Sunday magazine of the journal EL PAIS, from Spain.
Since then, Maitena's art started to grow and became international.

The strips from WOMEN ON THE EDGE have been compiled in five volumes that now are beeing published in Spanish by Randomhouse Mondadori (in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries).
More than a million copies of Mujeres Alteradas books, have been already sold in Spanish language.

WOMEN ON THE EDGE books have been already translated into French, by Editions Metailie; Italian, by Mondadori; Portugues, by Presenca (in Portugal) and Rocco (in Brasil); Greek by Harlenic; Catalan, by Randomhouse Mondadori, and German, by Lappan Verlag.

From 1998 to 2003 the Argentinean journal La Nacion published Maitena's daily cartoon SUPERADAS (meaning “STRIVING WOMEN”). Nowadays these cartoons appear in different Argentinean journals such as LA VOZ DEL INTERIOR from Cordoba and LOS ANDES from Mendoza, and in several international publications as well.

These cartoons have been compiled in two volumes, under the titles of SUPERADAS 1, SUPERADAS 2. They´re published in Spanish by Ediciones de la Flor (Argentina) and RQR (SPAIN).

SUPERADAS has been translated into Catalan by Planeta, German by Ullstein, Dutch by Sirene, Portugues by Presenca in Portugal and Rocco in Brazil.

In June 2003 the Sunday magazine of the journal La Nacion started to publish Maitena's new work, “Dangerous Curves”.
Now tose strips have been published in two books, CURVAS PELIGROSAS and CURVAS PELIGROSAS 2.
Portugueese and French translations are about to be released.

Maitena lives part time in Argentina and part time in Uruguay. She's married and has three children of 26, 24 and 6 years old."