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Amateur Photographer Magazine 11 July 2015
English | 92 Pages | True PDF | 30MB

Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest weekly photographic magazine, established in 1884. It is the respected authority for news and reviews, with detailed tests and investigations on the latest equipment. The weekly contents include interviews and columns from many of the world’s leading photographers and practical technique to inspire and enthuse the devoted readership, to whom taking photos is far more than just a hobby. Essential reading for those interested in buying photographic equipment or wanting advice about improving their picture taking.
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Better Interiors Magazine July 2015
English | 78 Pages | True PDF | 21MB
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Ireland's Homes Interiors & Living Magazine August 2015
English | 132 Pages | True PDF | 38MB

Ireland’s Homes Interiors Living Magazine, a home design magazine, provides valuable information on interior decorating your home, sourcing suppliers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Published monthly, we provide a home and lifestyle magazine with a unique local perspective.
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SquareRooms Magazine July 2015
English | 136 Pages | True PDF | 23MB

The ultimate interior guide for homeowners – SquareRooms is a monthly interior design publication, first released in 2000. Driven by inspiration, the magazine covers all aspects of interior design that range from home renovation, brilliant ideas for all parts of the home and comparison shopping on home furnishings. Most of all, the magazine is packed with practical tips and solutions to inspire homeowners to look forward to their own revamp.
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ELLE Decoration Philippines Magazine July 2015
English | 140 Pages | True PDF | 41MB
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Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine July 2015
English | 104 Pages | True PDF | 22MB

Entrepreneur Philippines is the indispensable handbook for both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their businesses. It contains sound business advice from experts and essential know how aimed at giving each reader the edge to succeed in business. It also provides motivational guidance and inspirational features that give readers a framework for entrepreneurial success, helping readers become their own boss and turn their business ideas into reality.
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Perspective Magazine July 2015
English | 116 Pages | True PDF | 38MB

Perspective is a visually rich, monthly publication focused on contemporary design from architecture and interiors, to graphics and product design. Providing a penetrating look at trends, recent projects, and the latest innovative designs from around the globe, every issue features coverage of cutting-edge concepts and interviews with influential regional and International industry figures.
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Diseño Interior Magazine July 2015
Spanish | 134 Pages | True PDF | 50MB

DISEÑO INTERIOR forma parte del grupo de grandes cabeceras internacionales dedicadas al interiorismo, la arquitectura y el diseño. DISEÑO INTERIOR centra su atención en el interiorismo, la arquitectura y el diseño. Pero también en el arte, la moda, los nuevos hábitos de consumo... Recoge las principales novedades y tendencias a nivel nacional e internacional. Es un espacio crítico, firmemente posicionado, con más de 14 años de experiencia. DISEÑO INTERIOR es la única revista que publica casas e interiores domésticos junto con los mejores proyectos de interiores comerciales, públicos, y toda clase de espacios innovadores y contemporáneos. Los reportajes de DISEÑO INTERIOR reflejan los más elevados estándares de calidad, con la belleza y calidad de unas fotografías hechas especialmente para la revista, y una cuidada producción.
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Old House Journal Magazine July 2015
English | 100 Pages | True PDF | 37MB

For 40 years, Old-House Journal has been helping people who are passionate about old houses to repair, rehabilitate, update, and decorate their homes. We cover all classic American architectural styles—from the earliest Colonial-era buildings to grand Victorians of every variety to Arts & Crafts bungalows and mid-century ranches.
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Good Homes India Magazine July 2015
English | 96 Pages | True PDF | 24MB

BBC Good Homes is India’s leading home and décor magazine that reaches out the contemporary Indian women, who is always on the lookout for inspirational ideas and seeks to experience the best of the international trends and brands. The magazine brand covers a wide variety of areas from home décor, latest trends , to featuring the best in class homes from the country and beyond, etiquette and entertainment insights, presenting a mix of art from different artists , and even covers technology.
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Reader's Digest International Magazine July 2015
English | 128 Pages | True PDF | 12MB
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Robb Report USA Magazine July 2015
English | 324 Pages | True PDF | 106MB

Robb Report is the unquestioned authority on the luxury lifestyle. Every issue features the best automobiles, resorts, watches, yachts, planes and much more. Your subscription includes special issues like Best of the Best, Car of the Year and the Ultimate Gift Guide!
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Condé Nast House & Garden Magazine July 2015
English | 148 Pages | True PDF | 28MB

Condé Nast House & Garden offers the best in contemporary design, decorating, renovating, architecture, gardens, travel and entertaining. We focus on beautiful interiors, the people inspiring the design scene and the know how to help you decorate and live stylishly.
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Casaviva Magazine India Edition July 2015
English | 92 Pages | True PDF | 30MB

Reaching a target audience of sophisticated, discerning and well-heeled women in the age group of 24-44 years, Casaviva - Italy's highest selling interiors and lifestyle magazine - will target a new genre in India, that of 360-degree living. Because, we believe, luxury is not about how you spend - it's about the way you live. So whether it's home couture or collectibles, furniture or gadgets, travel or wellness, fashion or beauty, art or entertaining.
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International Property & Travel Vol.22 No.4, 2015
English | 356 Pages | True PDF | 138MB

International Property Luxury Collection magazine focuses on the finest homes, resorts, interiors, travel, fashion and cars in the world – in fact, everything that signifies a highly desirable lifestyle. Features are both informative and interesting, offering advice from leading property experts on current market conditions around the word as well as specific information on each destination. ... The editor also selects the very best examples of properties for sale in each particular area and these are showcased within the different articles.